November 23, 2020


18:45 - 19:35

Jae Ang
Killer Burn (Live Stream) - Jae



Not recommended for beginners, this class is meant for those who have been regularly working out. Besides power rebounding and extended core & resistance training, we also incorporate endurance tracks with weights. You will definitely be torching serious calories both during and after class.

Class includes resistance and core training, targeted at a full-body workout.

*A pair of lights weights (0.5kg - 2kg) is required for this workout*

· This is a live stream class conducted via Zoom **Please note that you are required to turn on your camera to attend the live class; participants who are unable to do so may be removed from the class**

· For participants utilising credits for class booking, please contact us via Whatsapp if you would like to cancel both your live class and recording and obtain a credit refund, for late cancellations made after 8pm the day before the class.

· A recording of the class will be made available about 2 days after the live class, under the My Videos tab on the class portal (desktop only)